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Our Mission, Vision and Values

Aviator is the leading provider of aviation services, recognised for dedication to proactivity and exceeding customer expectations. 

Everyone in Aviator is committed to delivering the right service with the right quality at the right time, focusing on excellence for the shared benefit of customers, shareholders and employees


We are tolerant of one another and we respect one another’s individuality.  We give everyone the same opportunity to succeed, and when they do, this is recognised and rewarded.

We are willing to change in order to improve. We are open-minded and curious, always looking for new ideas and better ways of working.

We take great pride in our work and we are driven by our enthusiasm to do it to the best of our ability. It is a joy to serve our customers well.

Customer focus
We want to deliver high quality solutions to our customers. We work proactively to anticipate customer needs and then ensure our service meets them.

We are committed to acting professionally as we carry out our work. We create a supportive environment for co-workers and provide constructive feedback when needed. We take ownership of our goals and make sure we reach them.